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Voop Productions is an award winning video production company and creative content agency working across numerous channels and categories. We have a huge range of experience working on productions all over the world, employing some of the top talent in the UK and using a wide variety of equipment.

We are a green production company. We use electric vehicles when possible, our lighting utilises high output but low power LED technology and we offset our carbon footprint over and above our annual usage. We also support the amazing David Nott Foundation by providing pro bono production services.

  • Creative

    All film production has to start with killer creative. Our team can lead the creative from the front, work with you or partner with your agency to come up with ideas and concepts that engage your audience and tell your story 

  • Pre-Production

    With potentially multiple camera op’s, sound engineers, lighting guys and runners, video production needs perfect planning. Our team has the depth of experience to make sure everything is thought of and you are fully informed before the shoot begins

  • Production

    We employ highly experienced video production professionals and utilise the most up-to-date camera equipment and associated paraphernalia. Our broad staff base and wide variety of equipment allows us to provide anything from a full production team with broadcast capabilities to a single cameraman with minimal kit when subtlety is required

  • Post Production

    Video only really begins at the post production stage; by colour grading, sound design and adding high quality production music we make our productions standout. Its a skill thats hard to articulate bit this is where we create films that have flow, story arcs and keep people engaged 

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