About Us

Voop Productions is a team of filmmakers, creatives and marketeers. We are a full service agency meaning we take care of everything from creative, scripting, storyboarding, filming, editing and digital marketing support.

Over the last ten years we have worked on numerous projects for brands and businesses across the UK, Europe and globally, producing everything from interviews to glossy brand films and comedy shorts.


Principles & Impact

Whoever the client and whatever the job we apply the same principles of commitment, creativity and the pursuit of perfection. Our aim is to help our clients to succeed and prosper, our team is united by a shared passion for storytelling, collaboration and growth, and our ambition is to form long term relationships where we can add value on an ever increasing scale.

Awards & Accreditation

Voop Productions is a two time winner at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards and we are a registered and validated Financial Services Qualification System supplier, a buying community of financial institutions as well as being the official video supplier of the EIS Association, who help SME’s obtain the funding they need to accelerate their business growth.

Voop Originals

We love making films, it’s why we do what we do. So much so that we produce original content just for fun and when we have good, creative or funny idea… From beautiful foodie films, to irreverent comedy shorts.

Pro Bono & Environment

We have worked with a number of charities over the years. Most recently the David Nott Foundation who train doctors to operate (literally) in war zones.

Voop Productions is also a green production company, we offset our carbon footprint and use electric vehicles whenever possible.

Brands that trust in us

Behind each logo is an incredible collaboration.


Here are some commonly searched FAQs related to corporate video production along with their answers:

Corporate video production is the process of creating videos that are used by businesses or organisations for marketing, training, communication, or other purposes. Corporate videos can range from promotional videos, product demonstrations, and training videos to corporate event coverage and internal communications.

Corporate videos are an effective way for businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand personality to potential customers. They can also be used to train employees, communicate important messages to stakeholders, and document corporate events.

The cost of corporate video production can vary widely depending on the length and complexity of the video, the equipment and personnel needed, and other factors. A basic corporate video can cost a few thousand punds, while a more complex production can cost tens of thousands of pounds or more.

It’s a bit of a myth that attention spans today are so short that all content needs to super snappy. A feature film can hold your attention for three hours or you can be bored watching something on YouTube for 10 seconds. The key thing is to keep the engagement factor up – that’s our job – and to target people who actually want to watch your content because they get something out of it.

When choosing a corporate video production company, look for one with experience creating videos in your industry or niche. Check their portfolio to see if they have produced videos similar to what you need. Ask for references and read reviews from past clients. It’s also important to choose a company with good communication skills and a clear understanding of your goals and expectations. Oh, and that’s us by the way.