Our Process

We have the knowledge, systems and processes in place that make commissioning excellent video content easy and stress free.

There are many nuances that make up the video production process but broadly speaking our framework can be defined in five P’s which you can explore here.

First things first we sit down with you and get to know your business, brand and audience. We’ll then talk through what you want to achieve, the story you want to tell and how you intend to use the content.

We’ll also start to explore what’s possible based on factors such as budget, timings and your appetite for creativity.

This is the planning part of the process. Once we have agreed the creative concept, tone of voice and the style of your film or videos we’ll then build the storyboards and scripts if and when relevant and then plan the logistics of the shoot.

We will also give you a production framework and timeline which will highlight various important pieces of information and the requirements and potential responsibilities that each party will have to ensure the project moves forward smoothly and successfully.

This is where the creative vision of your project comes to life – when the lights go on and the cameras roll. Each job is unique and will require a different number and type of crew from directors, producers, camera op’s, drone pilots, sound recordists etc.

Regardless of the scale of the shoot we always bring the same level of professionalism and we always have fun – whether filming a comedy short or corporate interviews!

Post-production is the phase where we edit the footage and combine it with other elements, such as graphics, sound design, music, and visual effects, to create the final, polished video. It’s often a mercurial process and the route from A to B is rarely a straight line – we often rework minute details again and again.

You will be kept in loop at all times and we will welcome any feedback and or changes that may or may not be required.

We always offer general advice on how best to use and utilise your video content and how you can amplify your videos’ reach.

We also can provide a more comprehensive and tailored service in this regard by helping to advise and or run your digital marketing campaign – please do ask us about this.