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Equitix Company Film

Equitix tasked Voop to create a company wide film that would showcase the breadth of their operation and feature a range of their staff and partners across the UK.

With the vision of the film firmly in place in the pre production stages we set off around the country with a small crew utilising cameras, drones and ancillary equipment to get the shots we needed. For the interviews we had the questions worked out and a good idea of the type of soundbites we were looking for. Once filming we helped the various contributors to define their salient points to make sure we got the content we needed.

When it came to the editing process we wanted to create a film that stayed on brand and got the key messaging across but also had energy, felt contemporary, was engaging and left viewers excited about Equitix and its future. We achieved this by editing in a non linear fashion, linking the soundbites in a way that propelled the piece forward, using dynamic b-roll, employing sound design and using an audio track that has the right balance of tension and excitement.

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